Spiritual Mind Treatment for February

I like to choose an alliterative theme for each month. February brings faith, focus, and freedom. I know there is an infinite Creative Power, from which everything in the seen and unseen world emanates. Everything is an outpicturing of this One: for there is only one life, that life is God, that life is perfect, … [Read more…]

Many blessings

I spoke on Sunday on “Living a Bless-ful Life,” as an attitude being blessed and blessing others is living a blissful life.   It makes such an enormous difference if we approach our days with gratitude and appreciation Appreciation is also a financial term.  To appreciate is to grow in value; to depreciate is to decrease … [Read more…]

Information and Inspiration

I promised to send information about how to download The Game of Life by Florence Scovell Shin and other New Thought authors.   Go to newthoughtlibrary.com, a great source of inspiration.   There are books by Ernest Holmes, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Emma Curtis Hopkins, and many more. Also, if you want to hear or  revisit the talk … [Read more…]

Working our Garden

A few weeks ago, we spent some time setting intentions, with a burning bowl ceremony to release anything that obstructs our visions from manifesting. We say change your thinking, change your life, but your reality was not created with one thought, but possibly millions – and billions!  So, while spiritual mind treatment and affirmations do … [Read more…]

The Spiritual Side of the Shadow

At times, we might express words or attitudes that seem opposite of our image of being good, kind, and “spiritual.”   We might joke that it was our “Evil Twin,” a staple of soap operas.   Growing spiritually means lifting out of the soap opera experience –  problems, inner conflicts, and hidden agendas – and into a … [Read more…]

Welcome to the Unity Spiritual Center of the Brazos Valley

Who we are: Unity is a positive path for spiritual living.  Unity believes that God is present within us, giving power to our word and thought to create our reality.  Unity provides ways to become aware of the inner light. Our Vision Statement: We are a center of light and love for this community, holding … [Read more…]