Crystals… Old Rock for New Age? Sunday Sept. 17th 10:30 A.M.

This coming Sunday, Sept. 17th, we are in store for a real treat.  Our group raconteur will delight us with the story of his Texas size “old rock” and lead us in a discussion about crystals and their relationship to spirituality.  As most of you know, Unity is generally recognized as part of the New Thought spiritual movement, crystals, however, are generally recognized to be more of a New Age movement phenomenon.   As it turns out, crystals have been around and used as a spiritual tool long before the terms New Age and New Thought came into general usage.  So we think that whether you believe it’s just an “old rock” or a spiritual tool, you will find Bill’s story entertaining and our discussion interesting.  If I can find my itty bitty crystal I will bring it.  You can bring yours too.

Pic of Bill’s crystal setting on a chair.  Dude it’s huge!




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