Love is my Decision

Recently in services we sang the wonderful song by Daniel Nahmod called “Love is my Decision.”

What would it be like if you made Love your decision?  To be more loving?  To be a presence of loving kindness and light?

I think first it’s a decision for love for yourself, to know that you are infinitely loved by a loving presence.  When you feel loved, it’s easier to be a loving presence, to feel compassion and love for others.

We can make love our decision, and that’s good.   But we don’t always remember it.  We need to reaffirm that decision at times, to keep it foremost.  One idea is to download the song from the CD One Power by Daniel Nahmod and listen to it.  You might do spiritual readings on love, like St. Paul’s letter to the Cornithians.

I sent you a copy of my Little Book of Great Love.  I was about to publish it on Kindle but decided it needed interactive exercises and questions for the reader to elicit more love.  I’m inviting you to go on this journey;  just read one of these short pieces and affirmations every day, and if you can, read and respond to the questions, either in thought in writing.   It’s one meditation and affirmation for 21 days, the length of time said to instill a habit.  I would really appreciate any feedback you can give me.

Love is my decision.   How does that work?   A decision is a thought, and love is a feeling.   It’s really a decision to be more heart centered, to center in your heart, to connect with others from the heart, to speak from the heart.  We listened to Shamanic drumming by Angelika, as listening to the beat of our heart.   You can do that at any time, by listening to your own heart beat.

The first day’s meditation is called:

  1. 1.     What is Love?

Love is one of the most frequently used words in our language.  Sacred texts and leaders of many religions have praised love as a high principle and virtue.   Many poems and songs express the joy and pain of love.  Do we need to define love to know what it is?   Love has many so facets: joy, compassion, caring, affection, cherishing, tenderness, devotion, passion, agape, or an embrace of Spirit and all humanity.  We can enter into love through any of these gates.  What we focus on and practice becomes stronger.  As we can exercise and strengthen our physical heart, so we can strengthen our feeling heart.  Is there a difference between loving ice cream and being one with infinite love?  Only in degrees.  Any instance of love starts the flow:  love-joy for the sunrise, loving the fresh coffee, the smell of fresh cut grass, having compassion for an angry person, or an act of simple kindness.  We can exercise our love muscle all day long, without lifting a finger, but by lifting our hearts.

Today I open my heart to the Power of love.  I allow the warmth and light of love to uplift me in oneness, in joy, and in peace.   

Think on these things:

Where in your life can you feel more love?

Have you felt the power of love in your life?   Engage that memory right now.

Who or what do you love today?   Any form of love can connect your spirit.

Repeat this sentence ten times:  I love _______________.  With different things that you love.

Think of an affirmation proclaiming the power of love moving in your life.

 I will continue this focus on Love on Sunday, 2/23.    We really can’t talk too much about love – it is our spiritual purpose and the greatest meaning in our lives.

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