Spiritual Mind Treatment for February

I like to choose an alliterative theme for each month. February brings faith, focus, and freedom.

I know there is an infinite Creative Power, from which everything in the seen and unseen world emanates. Everything is an outpicturing of this One: for there is only one life, that life is God, that life is perfect, that life is my life now. As an expression of God, I am thinking as God, seeing as God, living as God.
I speak my word and know that I am anchored in faith in this Divine Power. I trust that this Power is fully operating in my life and is infinitely and continually available. My faith gives me a panoramic focus, knowing the Allness of God; my faith gives me a close-up focus, bringing a conscious awareness to everything I see, everything I do, and as my very being. Having this deep faith gives me great freedom, for I know that I am always guided and guarded, that I am always loved, lavished, and led perfectly, and that all is well. I know all this is the truth for everyone who reads these words.
I give thanks for my deep faith in the Divine. I release these words, know it is already done. Amen.