Working our Garden

A few weeks ago, we spent some time setting intentions, with a burning bowl ceremony to release anything that obstructs our visions from manifesting.

We say change your thinking, change your life, but your reality was not created with one thought, but possibly millions – and billions!  So, while spiritual mind treatment and affirmations do work, we also need to continue our spiritual work to change our thought and keep it changed.

A popular metaphor in New Thought is working in a garden.   While we know a seed can produce, we can’t just say to a carrot seed:  I affirm you are a carrot!   There is a process.

1)     When we want to grow something, we get the seed we want, and plant it.

2)     We need to nourish it with water on a regular basis.

3)     The plant needs a certain amount of sun or warmth.

4)     We weed out the unwanted plants.

We can’t make the seed grow – we can only provide the means by which it can grow.  Once you set an intention, we use the same process in our mental gardens.

1)      Water our seeds:     We want to nourish our seeds of intentions with spiritual nutrients.  The work is not to produce a thing but to grow in consciousness of the vision we desire.

We might say affirmations, making sure to affirm it as true now, not in the future.  Jack Canfield shared his idea of making a jingle of your affirmations:   I’m vitally alive at 165!      I feel so free as ________________comes to me.

 You could also read some inspiring spiritual literature or biographies of people who have achieved what you want.  You might create a vision board or listen to inspiring CD’s.  Find some way to daily keep your intentions foremost in your mind.

In  working our inner garden, we want to keep intuition attuned to Divine Guidance.   Ask, “What do I need to know or do?  Or what’s my next step?”   The message may come as words or a picture or symbol.  Find some way to use that direction.  We are making the divine our creative partner, who we call upon for help, for guidance, for inspiring ideas.

2)     Warmth: The seeds in our garden need warmth to grow.   In our inner garden, we provide warmth for our intentions through our feelings.   Feeling is key to creating a new reality, feeling as if it’s already done.

Visualize yourself as having or doing the thing you want, successfully achieving the results you want.  See it as already completed now.   Now add as many details as you can – how will you act, what will you be doing?   You might picture acknowledgement of your achievement.  Add the feelings of fulfilling this goal. What would that be?    Feeling confident, the enjoyment of completion, feeling ease, power, elation, self-respect – whatever feelings you would have in manifesting this goal.

3)     Weeding:   Weeding is a fact of gardening, to remove unwanted plants.  Do we weed one time?  Hardly.  We have to continue to remove those unwanted thoughts that take up nutrients and can choke out your planted intentions.     Does a gardener pull out a weed and say “How disgusting and horrible you are!”   No, he or she just removes it.

In the garden of our mind, it’s best not to label the mental weed too harshly.   It has served some purpose, usually some kind of protection. What you resist persists.  Best to accept the conflict and have compassion for that part of yourself.  To be whole, all parts of yourself get a seat at the table.  Then you might counter the negative thought or feeling with the truth, the desired reality.

Sometimes negative thoughts and feelings are resistance to the process – doubt, fear, depression, lethargy.    Who’s kidding who?  This will never work for me.  Using resistance is part of weight training to build strength, as the muscle works against the weight.  In same way, let each occurrence of emotional resistance build spiritual strength.


Now I know you’re thinking – do I have to spend hours on this?  Now switching metaphors  – in learning to plan a musical instrument or a new language, how much time would you spend every day?   30 minutes?  At least 15.

Is it worth 10-15 minutes a day to create a new reality?   It doesn’t take hours, just consistent and concentrated focus.  You can certainly spend more in meditation or reading.   Daily spend some time in your mental garden, growing your planted intention into reality.

Watering:  With some affirmations for your goals, an inspiring quote

Warmth:   Visualize and feel as if accomplished.

Weeding:   Face and release any resistances or obstacles

May you all grow beautiful gardens of visions this year, manifesting your heart’s desires.

I am the master gardener of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.


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